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vision and dental insurance

vision and dental insurance of dentistry and so you  know I like to #facebook ask everybody when they  come on the podcast how did you get to the point where you are today like you  know you just one day to say hey insurance billing that sounds like something that’s really interesting I’m vision and dental insurance  gonna I’m gonna become a consultant on that you know what

vision and dental insurance
vision and dental insurance

that’s really sad vision and dental insurance but that might be actually how it happened I  really had no choice but to become the insurance expert I was I was working in an office for a long time and the doctor didn’t know he didn’t #twitter want to know my  clinical assistant she just kind of you know she kind of laughed when I had a question about claims because she was so happy

to say that’s not affordable dental insurance my thing and so I pretty much had to learn it  myself and I started out in dentistry as an assistant never had to #wikipedia deal with admin stuff then found out I liked admin stuff so affordable dental insurance went through the whole receptionist thing went through the whole being the office manager now  insurance ended up being a bigger part of my role towards the

later years of being a manager so I kind of became a go-to for #twitter other offices in the area you know meeting with other office managers I I was always the one that they would  call for advice and it was I was happy to get it and I was happy to give it from other to other people so that’s that kind affordable dental insurance of turned into its own thing locally and I started

speaking for study clubs and doing more speaking and I quit let me see I quit about ten years ago  full-time and then just started Odyssey management and it’s been it’s been a rollercoaster ever since a good roller coaster a good roller coaster it’s always like that you have a new a new chapter and your professional career isn’t it so tell me you know so

the people that  are listening today they’re people that are  vision and dental insurance  either going to be soon to be practice owners they’re our new practice owners or they’re just trying to learn more about the business of Dentistry in general what are someone like the biggest mistakes used to be see especially new practice owners making  when it comes to t